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We are committed to our goal and hope to assist your horse to achieve excellent health and results.

We deal with many countries and pride ourselves on knowing how to make your shopping go easy and stress free.

We are an international suppliers for all your veterinary products to maintain the health of your horse and to maximize the performance of the equine athlete. Our products are also used extensively with other performance animals such as dogs, greyhound,camels,alpacas and racing pigeons.

We are also a registered FEI treating vets with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to FEI rules and regulations and can offer sound advice regarding appropriate treatment regarding your equine athlete.

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Race Horse

Our performance supplement supply

Horses and other performance animals are susceptible to many issues. It is vital to ensure the best care to fight their illness bouts right off the bat to prevent them from aggravating. Otherwise the lack of quality treatment may result in worse-case scenarios like death. We are here to struggle with your companion for a better health condition.Our range of horse made products is extensive enough to fight:

  1. Inflammatory and allergic conditions
  2. Respiratory problems Infections
  3. Intestinal worms and nasal bots
  4. Addison diseases Vitamin deficiencies

Most of our medications fall into two main categories, Oral use and injectables. Yours depends on what sympthoms the animal is experiencing and the kind of condition to be managed.

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